Center for the Integration & Advancement of New Americans

The Center for the Integration & Advancement of New Americans (CIANA), was founded by Emira Habiby Browne, a social services professional with decades of experience serving new immigrants from highly traditional societies. In 1993, Emira founded the first Arab-American social services organization in New York City to address the needs of the Arabic-speaking immigrant community. In 2006, she founded CIANA to serve as a wider and more inclusive immigrant integration model that begins the process of social and economic advancement immediately upon entry into the country. Broader in scope and reach, CIANA is designed as a one-stop clearinghouse of essential information, referral resources, and vital social services. Its objective is to develop a broad-based collaborative network of organizations, share best practices, provide culturally appropriate services, and act as an agent of social change.

CIANA grew substantially over the years, securing public and private funding, and forming strong partnerships and networks with public and private service organizations. It has been recognized locally and internationally by the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), and by the US Department of State (USDOS), for its immigrant integration initiative and its reach into marginalized populations. CIANA is laying the groundwork for a model that can be replicated locally, nationally and globally.