Center for the Integration & Advancement of New Americans

CIANA’s interns and volunteers are vital to ensuring the success of our programs and operations. We are proud of the many interns that have contributed to CIANA’s achievements over the years, and are always looking for highly motivated people to support our mission and work.

We strongly believe that our strength lies in the diversity of cultural backgrounds and experience.  Our internships and volunteer positions provide a challenging and substantive work experience on a wide range of projects and programs, expanding an understanding of the needs of New York City’s ever-growing immigrant population. 

To apply for an internship at CIANA, email your résumé and a cover letter to, expressing your specific areas of interest and what you would like to gain from your internship or volunteer experience at CIANA.

In their own words, our interns and volunteers expressed the value of their experience at CIANA:

Working at CIANA teaches you about the realities immigrants face in the U.S. Immigrants in New York City face so many challenges in multiple aspects of daily life — so whether you’re studying or hoping to gain more experience in education, psychology, or law, interning at CIANA is a great experience on a personal and professional level. Because you’re not working at a large organization, you are closely supervised and are given a lot of responsibility if you want to learn a lot and be challenged. CIANA is also a great place to work even if you are not particularly interested in immigration issues because the people you work with are dynamic, dedicated, and a lot of fun to be around.
- Alissa Marque

Interning at CIANA was an extremely fulfilling experience. Because the organization is so close knit, I was able to obtain a large scope of experiences from teaching an ESOL class to escorting clients to writing for a grant proposal. The staff and environment at CIANA is very conducive to learning, and overall it was great working there.
- Saheli Kothari

My experience with CIANA was extraordinary. My days at CIANA have changed the way I look at my own life; the warmth and kindness of the entire staff made my internship a true learning experience. It was at this organization that I truly understood the meaning of caring. Witnessing the effort, time and energy that the CIANA staff put into their work greatly motivated me to do anything I desired to, and for that I really thank CIANA.
- Roya Heydari

Spending a year interning with CIANA allowed me to gain a tremendous amount of experience in the non-profit sector. CIANA has a lot of faith in their interns and this allowed me to bring many ideas to the table and also the opportunity to learn many new tasks. I feel my time with CIANA will be extremely valuable in my future career goals.
- Nausheen Ansari

Interning at CIANA has been the most pivotal experience of my life. Working with the staff and clients from all over the world while living in New York City has enabled me to grow as a person, establish roots, and gain experience in the professional sphere. What I’ve learned I will take with me and refer to as I work towards developing my own career. I greatly value the knowledge I’ve gained at CIANA.
- Kacie Scaccia

Interning with CIANA has given me more than I could have hoped for. The friendly and dynamic atmosphere of the office can’t be matched. Whether teaching or interpreting, my direct experience with clients has been eye-opening and memorable. The broad range of responsibility I was given has built my confidence and has encouraged me to think creatively. The relationships I’ve built with both CIANA staff and clients have taught me valuable lessons that I will carry with me as I continue to discern my career path.
- Sarah Smith