Expanding the Light: Interview with Director of Legal Services Dinneen Cato

Dinneen Cato, Esq. in Athens Square, Astoria. Photo: Maria Eliades

Since her introduction at CIANA as the Director of Legal Services in April of 2018, Dinneen Cato has been an invaluable part of CIANA’s mission, assisting immigrants seeking accessible legal aid. An immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago herself, Cato has a personal connection with her work she engages and is passionate about providing the best service possible for her clients.

She reflects on her time at and her hopes for CIANA with CIANA’s Communications Intern, Edinam Eshietedoho.

Edinam Eshietedoho: Thank you for taking the time to talk with me today! How long you have been working at CIANA?

Dinneen Cato: No problem at all! I started working for CIANA in April of the past year, so I’ve been working in the capacity of the Director of Legal Services for about 15 months now.