National Volunteer Month Spotlight: Stevii Marshall

Professional ESL teacher Stevii Marshall brought her worldwide experience back to the U.S. at the start of the pandemic, serving new needs and new communities. As she looks forward to continuing her education this fall at Johns Hopkins University for her Masters in Education, we were fortunate to reflect with Stevii about her time as an ESL teacher with CIANA.

What made you volunteer with CIANA, and particularly in the English classes?

Last fall, I was trying to find a job, but all the positions where I would be teaching motivated adults required extensive experience with refugees, immigrants, or at least multicultural classes. My experience prior to CIANA was working in foreign countries teaching monolingual groups. I wanted to get some experience in the NY/multicultural area and also end the pandemic-induced “gap” in my resume, so it seemed like a great opportunity! A couple months ago, I landed a paying job teaching adult immigrants in Maryland, so my time at CIANA has really paid off professionally.

What has your experience working with students been like?

My experience has been wonderful! Teaching people who are motivated t