CIANA Participates in Census 2020 "Text Out the Count"

On Monday, March 23, CIANA- along with over 170 other organizations- took part in Text Out the Count, a mobilization campaign to ensure that New York City residents are completing or will complete the 2020 Census. As part of the Complete Count Campaign, CIANA has been working since January to guarantee a complete count in the Census, which began on March 12. Our focus has been on counting immigrants, who have historically been undercounted and as a result have missed out on much-needed funding for schools, transportation, and other public works in their communities. Using the app Hustle, CIANA texted individuals living in Astoria, home to a large immigrant population. Text Out the Count was

CIANA Celebrates AmeriCorps Week

This week, CIANA joined thousands of Americans across the country to celebrate the valuable contributions of the AmeriCorps members who pledge to “get things done” for our nation as part of the annual AmeriCorps Week. Every year, 75,000 AmeriCorps members serve through more than 20,000 schools, nonprofits, and community and faith-based organizations across the country. These citizens have played a critical role in the recovery of communities affected by natural disasters like Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, and Maria. They also tutor and mentor young people, connect veterans to jobs, care for seniors, reduce crime and revive cities, fight the opioid epidemic, and meet other critical needs



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