How COVID-19 is Affecting Immigrants this Fall

A CIANA Explains blog post from July examined the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on New York City immigrant communities, particularly on those undocumented. In this post, we take a deeper look into how these immigrant communities are faring as we enter the fall. Economic impact Undocumented workers are essential to the U.S. economy, yet their unemployment rates and wages have been the most adversely affected by the recent economic devastation. A study published by the Center for an Urban Future found that 50% of New York’s undocumented immigrants have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Unable to receive government aid such as cash assistance, unemployment insurance, food

Meet the Volunteers: Abhi Deverakonda

With the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating existing inequities, volunteers are more important now than ever. Abhi Deverakonda, a biomolecular science undergraduate at NYU, volunteered with CIANA this summer. In her interview with us, she shares the impact of her virtual volunteering experience. How did you decide to volunteer at CIANA's summer program? Did the pandemic influence your decision to volunteer with us? Like many college students, I was sent home in March due to the pandemic. It was (and still is) a difficult time for many in the country, and I wanted to do something to help out. I wanted to do my part in making somebody else's day happier and less alone. I understood that in-person



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