CIANA Community Celebrates at End-of-Year Party

Photos by: Kara McCurdy

Over 50 people crammed into our offices for our potluck End-of-Year Party, making it our most successful end-of-year party to date! Volunteers, staff, children, and parents came together on June 19th to celebrate the end of the Elementary After School Tutoring Program and our After School Tutoring Program for 6-8th grades for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The delicious food cooked and contributed by our guests, volunteers, and staff included chicharrones, “green” pasta, brownies, tabbouleh, and curried chicken. The party wasn’t complete of course with an order of pizza, lots of cupcakes, and an array of sodas and fruit juices to the delight of our students.

While we’re sad to see the school year end, we’re looking forward to seeing many of our students at our CIANA Summer Program for grades 1-5, which starts on July 5, and still has space for more students!

To support our Elementary After School Tutoring Program, donate to our Learning for Life Fundraiser.

To sign up for the CIANA Summer Program, call us at (718) 545-4040 or stop by our office in Astoria.

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