CIANA in the News: Senator Jose Peralta, Advocates Rally for Immigrant Rights and Unveil Bill Callin

Reposted from State Senator Jose Peralta's New York State Senate Page

July 19, 2018, Jackson Heights- Today, in light of family separations and massive deportations by the Trump Administration, State Senator Jose Peralta (D-East Elmhurst), Assembly Assistant Speaker Felix W. Ortiz (D-Kings), advocates, community leaders and neighbors urged for the passage of a bill that will establish the ‘Sanctuary State of New York.’ Under the proposal (S.7849/A.8776) introduced by Senator Peralta and Assemblyman Ortiz, state and local enforcement agencies would be prohibited from acting as agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), severely limiting the information they would be authorized to share with federal authorities. Additionally, the bill would restrict state and local agencies from cooperating with ICE to arrest or detain immigrants in New York.

Senator Peralta and Assemblyman Ortiz also urged the United States Congress to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) for its treatment of immigrants and separating minors form their parents. The lawmakers are outraged that ICE has been used to conduct raids in accordance with “zero tolerance” as ordered by the Trump Administration. According to their proposed resolution, “ICE has become a nightmare… ICE’s mission is to enforce our laws but has turned into a force used to raid communities, detain hard-working people and to separate families.” In addition, their resolution calls to replace ICE “with an agency designed to protect our borders, ending ICE’s ability to conduct horrifying raids in our towns and cities.”

Immigration organizations, advocates, community leaders and neighbors joined Senator Peralta and Assemblyman Ortiz