Board Chair Spotlight: Belinda Roman

CIANA Board Chair Belinda Roman. Photo courtesy of Belinda Roman

CIANA Board Chair Belinda Roman has been volunteering for CIANA since 2014, when she discovered the organization as she was walking by the offices. Roman says she fell in love with CIANA’s mission and came into the office to meet Emira Habiby Browne, the founder, the next day.

“Emira graciously welcomed me, told me about the work that the organization was doing at the time, and I’ve been here ever since.” Because of her accounting background, Roman first started helping out on the accounting side but was soon involved in many different areas.

Within several months of starting at CIANA, Roman organized the first CIANA fundraiser to take place outside of the office, at a local restaurant called Cavo with now board member Gabrielle Huddart.

After trying her hand at fundraising, Roman was sure that she wanted to make a larger commitment to helping CIANA achieve its mission. Formerly as a volunteer bookkeeper, Roman would come in for only an hour at a time, and so she decided that she wanted to become more involved by joining the board. At first she joined as a junior board member.

“There was three of us, she says, “and it was just an opportunity to get our feet wet as a board member and see if the organization was a good fit and it was, so I decided that I wanted to be more involved with CIANA.”