Catch Them While You Can: CIANA SONYC Students' Art to be Showcased at Socrates Sculpture Park -

CIANA's SONYC Middle School students prepare their artwork for the Summer Solstice Festival. Astoria, NY. Photo: Jose Velasco

CIANA’s SONYC Middle School students will have their work temporarily exhibited during the Summer Solstice Festival at Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria, New York. The June 21st festival starts at 6 pm, and will feature dance performances, lantern-making, and telescope tours alongside viewing the exhibition, “Chronos Cosmos: Deep Time, Open Space,” which is on display until September 3rd.

The students are taking inspiration from the concepts and pieces by artists like Miya Ando, Beatriz Cortez, and Eduardo Navarro in the exhibition at the park, having been taken through personally by Audrey Dimola, the park’s Director of Public Programs. The overall exhibition is interested in exploring space, time, and matter as they relate to the “celestial and terrestrial,” according to Dimola.

Dimola knew of CIANA through meeting its former Director of Educational Programs, Liana Grey, a few years ago. The chance meeting led to the current collaboration on the longest day of the year –and on a long-standing Socrates Sculpture Park tradition.

Come to the festival to see what CIANA’s students have come up with and to celebrate the summer with the greater Astoria community.

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