"You can do anything here": Interview with Hamida Begum

Side by side: American and Bangladeshi flags.

CIANA provides free civics courses for immigrants seeking to learn more about the United States’ history and prepare for their citizenship interviews. Hamida Begum, a CIANA civics program student came to the United States three years ago and is eager for the day she gets her citizenship. Communications Intern Rozina Zeidan sat with Hamida to speak more about her past experiences in Bangladesh and her current experiences in the U.S.

Rozina Zeidan: What were you doing before coming to the U.S.?

Hamida Begum: I was a teacher. Our main education system is in Bengali and English, but mainly in Bengali. I was a teacher for middle school and college, and a senior teacher for 20 years.

RZ: What was it like when you first came to the United States? Was it a big difference from before?

HB: Of course. It is a big difference from my country. My country is small, but America is a big country.