Hard Work Pays Off: CIANA Student Passes Naturalization Exam

Nadia (third from left) celebrating her citizenship with her ESL classmates and teachers. Photo: Caitlin Smith.

On December 6, CIANA’s ESL student Nadia Benourab passed her citizenship test. A client of CIANA since the beginning of 2019, Nadia was nervous about the test at first. However, her focus during class and her dedication to studying helped her overcome her worries.

“I was nervous, I think, but it’s easy when you study for this. You come to the classes, you review your lesson at home; it’s easy. A little bit easy.”

Originally from Algeria, Nadia is in our intermediate English class. Leading up to her test, Nadia worked one-on-one with John Kaloumenos, our Civics tutor, who also helped our clients Salima, Marvin, and Dora pass their citizenship exams as well.

Nadia loves the United States, and is excited to exercise her right to vote as a citizen. Congratulations Nadia!

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