CIANA Explains: Who Should Be Our Next President?

The 2020 Presidential Primaries are now in full swing; the Iowa and Nevada Caucuses and the New Hampshire Primary are behind us, and the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday are just around the corner.

As of now, there are a total of 3 candidates- 2 Democrat and 1 Republican- running to be their parties' nominee for President. Each has their own stance on political issues, including immigration. We've made a guide detailing each candidate's political stances, so that you will be informed to make your own decision.

If you're eligible, be sure to vote or register to vote in New York's Presidential Primary, which will be held on April 28!

Note: As the Presidential Primaries and Caucuses progress, this guide is being updated periodically to reflect the current number of candidates running for President and their polling numbers.

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