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CIANA Accepts Clothing and Winter Gear Donations for Asylum Seekers

As the Holidays approach and the weather gets colder, we are warmed by the support of family, friends, and community. This year, however, it is not only a metaphorical feeling of warmth that we hope to cultivate; there are members of our community quite literally being forced out into the cold, unprepared for low temperatures that have been plaguing our city.

Due to the limit on shelter stays for asylum seekers (60 days for families and 30 days for single adults), many residents are facing removal from their shelters. They are left with no choice but to sleep on the street, in parks, or in subway stations. Those who live here in Astoria or in many other parts of New York City have likely already witnessed this firsthand.

More often than not, asylum seekers have no sleeping gear or ways to keep warm. Many of them come to New York without jackets, hats, or other winter clothes. Some do not even have shoes or socks. Many of these asylees are clients of CIANA, who rely on us not only for legal and social services, but for physical and material support.

For Giving Tuesday, the global day of generosity following Thanksgiving, we asked for monetary and in-kind donations to provide newly-arrived asylum seekers with winter clothes and sleeping gear, the barest of necessities as they prepare for their first winter in New York.

We are proud to have raised nearly $4,000 on Giving Tuesday, November 28, alone. We are grateful to all those who donated. With the Season of Giving now in full swing, we hope to keep the momentum going through the holidays and throughout the winter.

In addition to monetary contributions, we are accepting jackets, sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, sneakers, and boots in all sizes, as well as blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. You can donate on PayPal here, or contact us to discuss donating physical items to our office.

Anyone who has questions, has trouble donating, or would like to speak with us directly about contributing can call (718) 545-4040, email, or contact us on our website.

2023 began on a note of uncertainty; asylum seekers continued to arrive in New York, but it was not guaranteed that they would be able to stay. Despite what has been settled and what is still unclear about the future, CIANA’s commitment to serving vulnerable new Americans remains unchanged.

We want to end 2023 and welcome 2024 on a note of kindness and generosity. Please join us in making our vision a reality. Thank You and Happy Holidays!


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