CIANA Explains: NYC Care

Obtaining health insurance in the U.S., and especially in New York City, can be expensive, complex, and unfriendly to immigrants and noncitizens. To help improve health care accessibility, NYC now offers an alternative health care program called NYC Care.

NYC Care is a health care access program which guarantees low-cost and no-cost services to New Yorkers who do not qualify for or cannot afford health insurance, particularly undocumented immigrants. Available in all 5 boroughs, all NYC Care services are managed and provided through NYC Health + Hospitals.

What are the benefits of enrolling in NYC Care?

NYC Care clients receive a personal membership card which allows them to access health care at any NYC Health + Hospitals location across NYC, a list which includes 11 hospitals and dozens of community-based health centers. Clients are also able to choose their own primary care provider and get support from a full primary care team.

In terms of specific services, clients are able to access preventive care like vaccinations and routine screenings to stay healthy, as well as mental health support, substance abuse services, women’s care, eye care, and prescription medications.

NYC Care guarantees your first appointment in two weeks or less. There are also no membership fees, monthly fees, or premiums, and each person’s cost to receive health care is based on their family size and income.

Who is eligible for NYC Care?

In order to be eligible for NYC Care, you must have been living in New York City for six months or longer. You also must not qualify for any health insurance plan available in New York State, including Medicaid, and not be able to afford health insurance based on government guidelines.

Why is NYC Care ideal for undocumented immigrants?

NYC Care guarantees you full confidentiality.

The health care professionals at NYC Health + Hospitals do not record any information regarding your immigration