CIANA Marks 15 Years of Serving New Americans across New York

In 2006, CIANA was founded to be a resource and safe space for new immigrants from the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia experiencing discrimination, bigotry, and erasure.

15 years later, CIANA has become a crossroads for immigrants from across the entire world seeking economic, professional, and social advancement in their new communities. We’ve helped hundreds of new Americans become citizens, learn English, enroll in social services, and achieve academic success.

This summer, we’ll be sharing memories from the past 15 years that highlight the impact CIANA has made in our community, and that demonstrate our longstanding commitment to empowering new Americans and helping them thrive.

As we move into a new phase of CIANA’s future, we also recognize our goal of ensuring the stability and success of the next generation of Americans, whether born abroad or in the US to immigrant parents, who may lack educational and enrichment opportunities necessary for academic and personal growth.

In that spirit, we’re embarking on an ambitious goal to raise $15,000 this summer, to ensure long-lasting support for our After-School programs for Elementary and Middle school students, and ensure CIANA’s ability to serve hundreds of immigrant children across Queens each year. Make a donation today!

We hope you’ll join us in marking this important milestone in CIANA’s history.

Read blog posts from the past few years that commemorate notable events, achievements, and success stories in CIANA's recent past.

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