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Meet the Volunteers: Crystal Liang, Volunteer Tutor

At CIANA’s virtual afterschool programming, the people who have the greatest direct impact on our students are volunteer tutors. Under the supervision of our professional staff, tutors are responsible for the amazing progress that program participants make in school as well as adding enrichment to their afternoons twice a week.

That’s why as we wrap up National Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to spotlight one of our tutors, Crystal Liang, who has tutored and led activities for students in both our Elementary and Middle School Programs nearly every week since January 2022.


What has your experience been like tutoring children of diverse immigrant backgrounds?

My experiences tutoring children of diverse immigrant backgrounds have been insightful and unique. I’ve been able to learn a lot from my students, and it has been a great opportunity for me to give back to my community. My students have been engaging, open-minded, and hardworking which has made my experience tutoring them enjoyable. As a child of immigrant parents, I understand some of the struggles that they experience. Now that I am in college, tutoring children of diverse immigrant backgrounds is extremely rewarding.

What are some challenges and advantages of tutoring virtually?

Some of the challenges of tutoring virtually is the lack of face-to-face communication, distraction, and internet connectivity. When it comes to virtual learning and tutoring, it is hard to sometimes engage your students because of their environment. There could be distractions that arise throughout the session that make it difficult for students to focus. However, throughout my time at CIANA, it hasn’t been a major problem. My students are usually focused, and it hasn’t been much of an issue. The advantages of tutoring virtually would definitely be convenience. It makes tutoring more accessible to the students.

Are there any particular subjects or activities that you like doing with your students?

The subjects that I like doing with my students the most are math and science. As a STEM major, I enjoy doing subjects related to math and science more. They are easier for me to teach, and I love sharing my knowledge and joy for the subject with other students.

Why is it important to work with and support immigrant youth?

It is important to work with and support immigrant youth because they are the future. By supporting immigrant youth, you can help them reach their full potential. As a tutor for CIANA, I hope to help my students develop a sense of confidence, belonging, and empowerment. Giving immigrant youth an additional resource to go to will help them not only academically but socially.

What kind of impact do you hope you’ve had on your students?

I hope that I have had a positive and inspirational impact on my students. Growing up, I used to dread doing homework because I would lack resources to go to for help. With CIANA, I hope to make school more enjoyable for students by being a resource for them. I want my students to know that learning isn’t about the grades you receive in school but rather the journey and process of learning itself. I hope to have inspired my students to learn more about biology and a career in dentistry as I’ve taught lessons regarding those topics. Lastly, I hope my students know that it is a great thing to be curious and to ask questions.


We are grateful to Crystal for her dedication to the success and growth of our students both in and out of school. Thank you Crystal!


If you are interested in becoming a tutor for either of CIANA’s programs for elementary or middle school students, send an email to Margaret Sampson, our Volunteer Management VISTA, at

Explore all open volunteer opportunities at


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