Like a Model Older Sister: Interview with CIANA Volunteer Tutor, Carmen

Photo by Maria Eliades

Why do you tutor at CIANA?

I’ve always worked with kids in some sort of capacity from high school –homework help, volunteer work –things like that. Once I found out that the Elementary After School Program was in my neighborhood, I had to sign up.

Photo by Maria Eliades

How long have you been tutoring with CIANA's Elementary After School Tutoring Program?

About a year.

What do you think the Elementary After School Program does for the kids who come here?

It’s a good community environment for them. When I was in an after school program, having tutors around was like having older brothers and sisters or cousins around, so I always like establishing that kind of connection with the kids. You make friends with them and you help them with what they’re having trouble with in school along the way.

Why do you think CIANA is an important part of integrating new Americans into New York City and the United States?

That’s what drew me to CIANA –the immigrant focus. This is New York City. Everyone’s from all parts of the world. If CIANA can help them build on their potential, that’s even better.

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