Communications is More than Social Media: An Interview with Edinam Eshietedoho

Communications Intern Edinam Eshietedoho in Athens Square, Astoria. Photo: Maria Eliades

CIANA’s Summer 2019 Communications Intern, Edinam Eshietedoho, grew up in South Florida and goes to Pomona College in California, but he was eager to get a New York City experience in the non-profit sector, so he came to CIANA. Maria Eliades, CIANA’s Director of Development and Communications, chats with Edinam about his work at CIANA, the importance of non-profits working with immigrants, and how communications is more than just tweeting.

Maria Eliades: So I know you’re not from New York. Did you come here specifically with the intention of interning for an organization like ours?

Edinam Eshietedoho: Last summer I was in New York for a bit working a government office job, and I really wanted to work at a non-profit with something I could tangibly feel connected to. With my last job, I was doing marketing and digital work, but I didn’t get to see the impact of it or get to work on my own. That’s what I was looking for this summer, and I thought this internship at CIANA was a great opportunity.

ME: Remind me where you were working?

EE: At USTA -the US Tennis Association. I was the digital partnerships and strategy intern. I was up in Westchester, which is not really in the city, so I really wanted something close to the city as well. It’s nice that CIANA is very centrally located here in Astoria. Before this summer I’d never been to Queens. So that was also a really good part of the work.

ME: How do you feel your work has had an impact on the community?

EE: You can still make an impact even with an organization that doesn’t look that big with a social media presence like CIANA’s. So I was very happy to be able to create an infographic and work with other teams to get that translated. Putting out information like that out there is really important for these communities being targeted at this time. So I was really happy with the work I was doing.

Even aside from the social media, being in this office and interacting with immigrants on the regular drove in that these are real human beings who really enjoy person-to-person communication. I think in that way too I was just a good, smiling face to have around the office.

ME: The official smiling face. It is definitely a great part of working with you.