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CIANA Students Learn Movie Fight Stunts thanks to Astoria Film Festival

Thanks to the Astoria Film Festival, CIANA's Summer Camp students had the great opportunity to attend a Fight Scene Choreography Workshop conducted by Ramon Aleman.

Mr. Aleman is a Queens-born first-generation stunt professional as well as a local martial arts instructor. His credits include the Marvel films, which our students found quite thrilling! The students had a blast learning how to fight without actually fighting.

The students attended this workshop at a Kaufman Astoria Studios soundstage. The space was huge and there was plenty of room for the students to warm up with stretches, punches, and kicks. They were excited to pair off and perform their fight sequences with a stunt professional in a real life Television and Film soundstage!

All students were able to play the part of director and stunt professional. Mr. Aleman shared industry tips on casting, and what it is like to be on the set of a TV or Film studio.

Many thanks to Astoria Film Festival, Ramon Aleman, and Kaufman Astoria Studios for this event!

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