Meet the Volunteers: Matt Murray

Matthew Murray joined the CIANA team this past summer as a math, ELA, and science tutor. After his own schooling experience at Duke University was drastically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, he wanted to do what he could to help younger students.

Who did you volunteer with and why did you choose to volunteer with those individuals specifically?

I volunteered with middle school students in math, ELA, and science. Due to the assignments I do in school and the projects I work on outside of school, I figured that I would be able to teach a diversity of subjects. I decided to work with Middle Schoolers because I felt that since I am closer to them in age, I would be able to relate to them more.

What has your experience working with CIANA's students been like? 

My experience working with CIANA’s students has been great. It was my first time working in the immigrant community. As expected, the students are all very different; some are more outgoing than others and some kept more to themselves. It has been great getting to know the students throughout the summer and seeing them adjust to working with me.