National Volunteer Month Spotlight: 10Z Team

10Z Team Soccer is connecting with CIANA’s younger clients in exciting new ways. Through a combination of teaching in the classroom and on the soccer field, 10Z volunteers are committed to empowering students in our afterschool programs through teamwork and inclusion.

What made you volunteer with CIANA, and particularly the SONYC program?

Our group wanted to connect with CIANA to further a shared interest of helping immigrant families. Each of our members has similar stories of their families becoming new Americans. It's now our goal to pass on what helped us so dearly as children: soccer. We believe in the power of soccer to connect people and celebrate diversity.

What has your experience working with students and program staff been like?

Working with the students has been an impactful experience thus far! We try to bring energy and enthusiasm into each class to encourage both physical activity and leadership. Some of the most outstanding memories are when various students mention that they have done some of our exercises on their own time.

It's easy to see how everyone at CIANA has a passion for their work, as