National Volunteer Month Spotlight: Tiffany Win

Tiffany Win has been sharing her love for math and science in the CIANA Elementary After School and SONYC programs since February 2020. She is currently a lead statistician for a nonprofit in Washington, D.C., where she advocates for equitable internships nationwide.

This fall, she will begin medical school to apply her love for math to furthering health equity. In the midst of all her professional commitments, Tiffany shared some reflections on working with CIANA’s students.

What made you volunteer with CIANA, and particularly the SONYC and Elementary programs?

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve learning math and science, so I wanted to share that passion and excitement with others. I grew up in Astoria and I love how diverse the population is. I always knew I wanted to give back to elementary and middle school students in the Astoria community one day and CIANA helped me achieve that dream!

What has your experience working with students been like?

Tutoring elementary and middle school students is challenging but extremely rewarding. Every student has their own unique personality and learning style. It’s a fun learning experience working with each student to adapt to their distinct needs. My rela