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CIANA Participates in Census 2020 "Text Out the Count"

On Monday, March 23, CIANA- along with over 170 other organizations- took part in Text Out the Count, a mobilization campaign to ensure that New York City residents are completing or will complete the 2020 Census.

As part of the Complete Count Campaign, CIANA has been working since January to guarantee a complete count in the Census, which began on March 12. Our focus has been on counting immigrants, who have historically been undercounted and as a result have missed out on much-needed funding for schools, transportation, and other public works in their communities. Using the app Hustle, CIANA texted individuals living in Astoria, home to a large immigrant population.

Text Out the Count was designed to reach New Yorkers in a more direct way. Since the coronavirus outbreak has caused many offices, including CIANA, to suspend their in-person programs and has halted citywide and nationwide Census outreach efforts, texting city residents directly is the next best way to reach them.

In accordance with social distancing, participants in Text Out the Count can communicate with their recipients from home. Recipients can then fill out the Census from home in one of three forms- on the phone, by mail, or, for the first time ever, online. Texting directly with a representative also allows them to ask any questions they may have about the Census.

Thanks to the campaign, thousands of New Yorkers, including Astoria residents and immigrants, have completed or pledged to complete the Census, bringing us closer to getting a complete count.

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